the day has finally come


this has been a long road. last spring/summer john and i started working with tres birds workshop to design our future home. i skipped many lunches to rush home on my scooter, in the midst of the busy DNC planning, to catch brief moments of the process-we both spent many many nights looking through magazines, getting ideas, talking with friends, revamp after revamp-and of course there’s john :) who loves to stand in the middle of the run-down crappy lot and just day dream of what the future holds, ha this happened far too many nights to even attempt to count. ;)
but alast, the day has come.

today at 1:30pm, MST…we close.

our hearts and souls have poured into every thought and detail of this project. and words cannot describe how excited i am to finally take this oh-so-important and long awaited next step.

enter: casa de la sol

building materials

building materials

de la sol = of the sun. every wall, window, patio, height, overhang, inch of this house is related to the path of the sun.  we will be starting a subsequent blog soon to document the progress of the project, show daily photos of it being built, and highlight “green” features we’re incorporating.

a;soduaorhg;fd gha;oieur09[a2 3ba39048na0 qptu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=) i am so excited!

photo by: mmm

UPDATE! we are officially closed and hope to break ground in 3 weeks! so excited!! victory glass of moscato (which of course, gnar wanted in on ;) ha)

standing in the current backyard

standing in the current backyard

photo by: me


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