DIY: window films


this art project came via Design*Sponge and is awesome. cheap and easy it can completely transform the feeling in a room.


–paint pen (i bought white in a medium point-obviously get “fine” if you’re looking for more details)

–clear contact paper (like $5 at target)

–razor blade

Find a window, mirror, piece of glass that needs a little revamp. For our project we used an internal door, with 3 windows, leading from our kitchen to our mudroom/laundry room. Another idea would be if your cupboards have a clear or frosted glass front.

Measure out 1/2″ wide all the way around from your chosen area and cut the contact paper, lay flat (probably want to bind the corners down with heavy books, so they don’t roll), and draw! Draw anything you can think of. A bird house, flowers, doodles, words, whatever….leave to dry for 15 minutes, slowly start peeling away at one corner and press flat against your surface, peeling away as you press down, use the razor blade to remove the excess 1/2″ around the sides, and the flat end to push out any air bubbles.


Picture 003

or here’s another shot with the kitchen lights on…standing out in the laundry room

Picture 002

and the best part?! totally temporary! contact paper easily can be removed and changed out for seasons, special events, dinner parties, or if you just get bored.

love it.

…another idea would be adding something to a picture frame-depending on if you wanted it to be temporary or not, you could draw directly on the glass frame or create a clear contact paper “frame” within a frame, or stupid/funny captions, etc. the options are endless. go craft something up!

photos by: me


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