monday – 5 things i <3


1.  http://www.audiusa.com/us/brand/en/models/a4_avant.html

a4avantmy new whip ;) ha. john surprised me last tuesday but trading out my car for a new A4Avant. we’d been talking about it casually and even test drove the night before-but i had NO IDEA he’d actually  do it, especially surprise me!! super excited and I LOVE IT though!  


2. http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WomenBrowse/Women_Shop_By_Category/dresses/knitdresses/PRDOVR~15324/15324.jsp

bonbondressthe j.crew bonbon dress. it’s so feminine and comfortable. i bought in the seashell color and i love it. just dressy enough for work but just casual cool enough that i don’t feel like i have to change the second i get home :) it’s divine.




3. http://www.sweetleaftea.com/.

teai have been buying this stuff up by the jug and bottles. this week it’s on sale at whole foods (10 bottles/$10!) all their flavors are great, but i always go back to the tried and true mint & honey. mmmmmmm




4. http://www.thesqueakybean.net/

signage-thumb-510x429their boar bacon. johnny and i finally went back to squeaky bean this weekend…and seriously-their bacon is THE best i’ve ever had. it’s like coated in honey and sweet chili flakes, it’s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! try it out! …they’re still getting their legs under them-so i think they’re still only serving real food on weekends for brunch/lunch…but eventually they’ll be serving breakfast, lunch and eventually dinners…7 days a week. STOKED!



5. http://www.hgtv.com/bang-for-your-buck/show/index.html

hgtv-logo ha. i love HGTV period…but since we’re so involved in updating our own home and then thinking towards the future of our new home–I’ve really been into bang for your buck lately. such great ideas, esp since they’re from REAL ppl not the designers, and then going through a designers and a real estate experts opinion on their job is interesting and fun. …wait, is it bad to admit that sometimes we spend our weekends watching HGTV? hmmm…we’re not very cool are we? ;)


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