“doesn’t eat corn cobs”


so we came up with the name gnarly for our pup–long ago. :) a perfect variation of “marley” just as the movie was at it’s height….little did we know she’d be fully living up to her name.

as anyone who’s met our dog knows—she was hurt the 3rd day we had her…air-dropping our staircase and landing on her back bruised her spinal cord (thankfully no broken bones) and instantly paralyzed. after 4 days of many tears, appointments, and traveling between our vet, neurological centers, and CSU–we got the fantastic news that she’s expected to recover fully…so since that horrible day in Feb. we’ve been…waiting :)

we were first told that she might even be walking as soon as upon our return from our honeymoon–not so much the case, however she’s improving every week & we do daily exercises with her and take her to the water treadmill weekly. she’s physically able to walk (& now even to a point where she can do so and be pretty damn stable) however after not using those muscles for so many weeks and esp in such a huge growth period–she’s regaining all that muscle strength now and trying to catch up to her burly front arms. overall she’s doing awesome though, on her way still to a full recovery.

anyway–obviously a pretty “GNARLY” situation…then comes being spayed. we decided to get her spayed as early as possible to keep more of her cute puppy features & take advantage of the fact that she’s not fully mobile & hope that it helps in her recovery. nowadays they use these internal stitches so that they don’t have to bother with the cone head collars or worry about removing sutures…ha….little did they know they were working on gnarly. once again living up to her name–we were home for about a total of 20 minutes before our pup twisted and turned her body right out of those stitches so we rushed back to the vet, baby on our laps-with her belly split open. they were easily able to throw on real sutures and she recovered no problem :)

…and now the latest in our ‘living up to her name’ saga….a fuzzy little one found an eaten corn cob out of a garbage, climbed up our giant tree in our backyard & decided it was no longer valued…dropped it right into gnarly’s furious path. she grabbed the fallen treasure & immediately took off. yelling out the proper commands “gnarly COME!! drop it! drop it! GNARLY leave ITTTT!” haah..none worked. i was able to finally catch her, grab half of the corn cob…when it snapped-perfectly in half. in less than a second, my precious pup–swallowed it whole.  she swallowed an eaten ear of corn-the cob. why? no freaking clue….but it resulted in surgery this weekend, a re-shaved belly, and a doped up sleepy puppy.

…our next dog? names in the running are currently “mellow”, “perfect dog”, and of course “doesn’t eat corn cobs” :)

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  1. […] just more reason to name our next dog (if we can ever afford to get one) “doesn’t eat corn cobs.” […]

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