so my next project will be to convert the stacks upon stacks of printed out epicurious recipes and gourmet magazine tears to the stationary laptop we keep in our kitchen.

we’ve been using door-to-door organics, which is a local fruits/veggies delivery service & it’s been great, it forces me to try new recipes in order to not waste whatever’s in season and delivered right to my doorstep…and with farmers market season upon us, and cooking classes, the mulititude of cookbooks i’ve bought & was generously given at my bridal shower (thank you lovelies!!) etc etc—my recipe collection has grown quite a bit. [which of course makes me smile!]

but i’ve found it difficult to find the exact one i’m looking for when i have a craving without flipping through page after page in either a book or binder holding all my print-outs. i’ve try organizing them via a tickler file folder–but i either get lazy and don’t put them back correctly or just can’t put my finger on whether banana bread should be filed under snacks/treats or breakfast. :)

…the solution-brillantly thought up by my main squeeze, johnny…put them all into contacts on the laptop. again, we’re lucky to have an extra laptop that we can just keep in our kitchen-thus doesn’t hold either of our personal info or contacts/etc. SO-the name will be the title of the recipe and the actual ingredients & instructions will fall under the notes section.

now i know, it doesn’t make the most sense when you first hear it because 2 cloves garlic and 1 tbs fresh ginger doesn’t directly translate to a phone number or address-but here comes the brillant part. by copying them all over to contacts it allows me to search by ingredients….so the next time i wind up with kale and extra avocados left over from that weeks delivery, i can simply type them into the search function of my contacts and it’ll search ALL recipes and bring up only those which use that/those ingredients!


*so let this also serve as a forewarning, as I am starting this project, I may get a little recipe happy in posting….I promise to limit myself to only my fav’s ;)



ok,ok, first one… :)

this is a GREAT snack, easy, cheap, and yummy….I first found it last year when we were in the midst of a liver cleanse through Young Living…where we were VERY limited to what we could eat—and to think we did it for 21 days!!! anyway-here you go!

dino wraps

take 1 leaf, fresh dinosaur kale-washed

lay 3 slices avocado & 4 dried dates (cut in halves)

spray with liquid amino acid, roll & enjoy!


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