monday – 5 things i <3


1. http://theperfectpetal.com/

peonies      hydrangeas

flowers :) mmmm i love me some flowers…and my two absolute favorites are: peonies and antique hydrangeas. the massive way a peonie opens is breath-taking…and the color variations on hydrangeas are amazing. i love the antique SO much I was extremely close to using it for my wedding [ha until of course Krista swept in with the insane idea of a cotton bouquet]  my  fav spot to swipe em up is perfect petal otherwise I normally just go to costco or whole foods. wf has better options but costco’s are at an insanely good price :)


2. yellow nail polish (no specific source, any brand will work!)


 john isn’t a huge fan of yellow–but i love it. i love the color, i love the sunshine, i love rain coats, heck-i love post-its! yellow has been around and up and down…and with pantone naming the 2009 color of the year mimosa it’s not a surprise that now that it’s summer time-yellow is popping up on everyone’s toes and fingers!


3. http://store.americanapparel.net/rsa8324.html

servewowa. i know. ha BUT i have to admit i took a risk and got one (ordered it online or couse, couldn’t muster up the balls to do it in the store) and i actually love it. aside from making it difficult to pee..it’s a really great piece. comfortable it’s leggings and a tank top in one! throw a long t-shirt over it, or a dress, or a skirt…and you’re set!  …come’on just try it ;)

4. http://www.localsustainability.net/?page_id=774

P9280567farmers markets! i just recently cancelled our door-to-door-organics subscription because it’s farmers market season! although door-to-door was great and made it easy, you just can’t pass up the chance to take a stroll on a saturday morning, empty canvas bags, dog in tow, and ready to pick through vibrate frutis & veggies. and i’m extra excited this year because HIGHLANDS FARMERS MARKET it coming to the hood! right in front of LoLa, starting this saturday.

5. http://www.neutonpower.com/TwoStepModelDetail.aspx?Name=CEMNeutonMower&p1Name=NeutonMower2Step&cm_re=CE%20Home%20Page%201-_-Product%20Line%20Up-_-Mower%205.2

110308_neuton1our electric battery powered neuton lawn mower. again with summer in full force we’re at that time where we have to pull out the lawn mower weekly–and having this bad boy makes it easy. with no gas to deal with, a super quiet engine, and it’s lightweight mamabear (me) can mow her little heart out
photos via: 1 & 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 – their respective links

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