monday – 5 things i <3


so this weekend gnarly has been on the food hunt EVEN MORESO than normal–if that’s possible. she’s such a little scrounger! ;) ha. and i can’t tell you how many times it’s been references – how she and i are a good fit because we both love food so much.

So…in honor of my pup-here’s 5 meals i la la love!

1. TAG’s French Onion Dumplings – we were lucky enough to be invited to TAG’s soft opening this past weekend and it was delicious! Each thing we tried was amazing but these little bursts of flavor were unreal! Somehow, Troy Guard (owner & chef) was able to put a scoop of French Onion Soup inside a dumpling, so when you bite into it, it literally is like a blast of soup flavor in your mouth—insane. and i’m in love! [i’ve always loved french onion soup, two other favorites are; Bistro One’s and the microwaveable kind from Safeway! ha]

2. Strings Beef Carpaccio. I’ve always also loved carpaccio. Buffalo, beef, even beet–I love it all….and when I stumbled upon Strings a few years back, well…let’s just say I’ve started to crave it! Unlike any other carpaccio that I’ve had–they drizzle dijon mustard over the perfectly thin slices of meat, top with red onions + capers, then finally top with fresh grated parmesan…a.m.a.z.i.n.g! It’s then all rolled up and served on sliced toast. I LOVE IT!

3. J’s Noodles – Wonton Soup…mmmmmmm another absolute favorite that I crave regularly and cannot live without. The wonton soup at J’s is so far beyond any other wonton soup I’ve ever had. The flavors in the broth, thin wrapping on the wontons, and fresh cilantro make it one-of-a-kind. It’s the meal I crave prior to or upon returning from trips! :)

4. Duo’s – Grits w/ parmeasan and scallions. :) Big Ups to Rachel who got me craving this today…since she brought in grits for breakfast-this take on the normally soaked in butter and finished off w/ salt+pepper classic (ok ok, maybe I just go the step further to actually SOAK mine in butter, rather than just top w/ butter, but still…….) These grits are awesome! And best part-they’re on their side menu so you can still order whatever your little heart desires for brunch, and they’ll be there!

5. Jonesy’s Buffalo Fries – with blue cheese and Frank’s hot sauce, these are a doosey! So incredibly good that you easily forego any attempts at restrain…and just eat as many as you can before your friends can get to them first (hmmm…I guess I do have a little of the Gnarly eating tendencies in me, don’t I?!) :) These suckers taste good at any time of the day-lunch, happy hour after work, dinner, and late night snack. Fab!


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