spring sprang.


i always feel like winter is an excuse to be lazy :) sitting by the fires, drinking hot cocoa, (or japanese christmas!) snow blustering outside–all the reasons to stay inside line up, leaving you no other choice. it’s perfect.
but then out of no where, you get a spring day and outside there’s people riding bikes, walking dogs, playing in parks, buds blooming and everything comes to life…and before you know it-spring has sprung.

just like the world outside pops into a new motion–so has my life recently. busy days, busy nights, not enough time to get it all done…being a wife, taking care of the daily stuff around our casa [including another bathroom remodel], potentially getting my hands into as much as i can with building our new casa, taking care of the gnar, cleaning up our gardens, attempting to become better [aka more comfortable] in the kitchen, diving head first into crafts + photography, maybe….?starting to work out?!-ugh i hate the thought but my kinesiologist said i have to, increased work hours, getting back from greece/getting ready for costa, and of course refusing to neglect any friend/girlfriend time :). whew-it’s a lot. but luckily i’m still in the excitment mode for most of it–the crafts, the photography, the cooking, the travel, john, gnarly, friends, and and and…they’re all passions so don’t feel like work, making them much easier to take on.

so for now, i’ll continue walking the line between being overwhelmed and being completely excited about everything. spring has sprung.

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