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2 new blogs coming soon…


i will be created two additional blogs within the next few weeks/months….

peekay market. my dear, beautiful friend krista and i have been meeting on and off and just being creative together. we’ll be putting together a blog to collect our ideas/thoughts/inspiration/projects and soon thereafter either an etsy site or online store….

the _____ project. :) [name still to be determined] we’ve got our fingers crossed currently that within the next month we’ll be able to start building our house. if all goes as planned-we’ll create a blog which will house ‘daily photos’ and updates as to the specifics of our project and what makes it so unique.

keep em peeled! ;)


japanese christmas


so here it is-the end of april; beautiful on some days–wet and rainy (yet still beautiful) on others–oh yes, and the occasional 6″ of snow ;).

YEAR ROUND, one of my absolute favorite delights and drinks is japanese christmas. a cozy hug in a cup!


3/4 genmacha green tea (must use genmacha, which is the roasted brown rice green tea, you need that hearty flavor-not like a floral jasmine green tea)
1/4 baileys …yes, green tea + bailey’s. trust’s delightful!


spunky brewster

i made fake bangs out of my short hair
i made fake bangs out of my short hair

today i’m feeling spunky. spunky brewster in fact, minus the puple converse-instead i’m wearing black felt boots, tights, a floral ruffle dress & my motorcycle “B by” jacket…while riding my perfectly delicious mint scooter in the sun. and rocking ‘fake’ bangs.

it has been exactly 20 days since i joined the “i do” club…and while it’s one of the biggest commitment you can make in life, for me it’s given a HUGE push towards an empowered feeling of independence. i’ll happily be the first to admit-i won the jackpot! ;) ha-when it comes to john. he’s supportive, he’s funny, he’s loving, kind, inspiration…and, and, and :)…so “going under contract” (as we like to refer to our nuptials) has brought out this amazing feeling of now truly being able to do whatever i want in love, life, travel, it all—because i’ve got such a great supporter rooting for me.

on our honeymoon, in greece, i decided to take spanish classes this summer to finally learn a second language + promised myself that part of the deal would be rewarded and extending my learning by allowing myself 1 month in a spanish speaking country.

hello maggie lindsey!  :)

i also, immediately signed up for photography classes, which will start next saturday.  

my life just feels good. like it’s all in place how the world intended it to be. …which is probably why i feel so spunky. never being one to just be content, i love living life in mild drastic (yes, mild drastic) measures…i like making choices on a whim. i like shaving my head. i like getting tattoos. i like sneaking days off work to take long drives-when no one knows but me. i like creating what i desire. i like living in the moment. i like my life.